Road Construction

We have a vast amount of experience building all types of roads, whether it be major highways or a private unsealed road way, we are equipped to do it all. Recently Spry’s have purchased a grader with GPS capabilities for absolute precision works.

Services Installations

We aim to be the one stop shop when undertaking a development/project. We have the experience and personnel to undertake the installation of the majority of major and minor services that be required on your development.

Project Management

Fancy having someone manage the headaches for you? Spry has the experience to manage a project to make sure the client gets the desired result on time and on budget. On so many occasions a project hits a wall due to budget constraints or technical issues encountered, at Spry Civil Construction we attack the issues head on with a collaborative approach with the client and other stakeholders to ensure the objectives are met.

Bulk Earthworks

We have large machinery to move earth fast, efficient and with a high level of accuracy. We have the capability to excavate, place and compact materials in many different scenarios such as large dams, large building sites, haul roads and much more.

House/Shed Pads

We also have smaller machinery that is nimble in even the tightest of spots. We have laser equipment that fits to our machinery which provides millimetre accuracy which is required to prepare for that costly concrete slab.

Materials Haulage

Spry have dedicated truck & trailers and semi tippers available to haul materials as required. We also have access to all quarries within the area and abroad so we can deliver majority of materials required for your project.

Traffic Management

Spry have all the personnel, signage and equipment  to carry out Traffic Management on roads

Spray Sealing

Spry now have the ability to undertake small spray sealing jobs such as patch ups and driveways, give us a call to discuss your options



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Spry Civil Construction is approved by QMS Certification Services (View Certificate)