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Hole 8 & 9 Extension

Hole 8 & 9 Extension-1 Hole 8 & 9 Extension-2 Hole 8 & 9 Extension-3 Hole 8 & 9 Extension-4 Hole 8 & 9 Extension-5 Hole 8 & 9 Extension-6

Client: Murray Bridge Golf Club/Burke Urban

Location: Murray Bridge

Contract Value: $1.2m


Together with the Murray Bridge Golf Club & Burke Urban in a joint venture, the project to construct the new 8th and 9th fairways was completed in 2023. Spry Civil Construction was awarded this major package of works to increase the size of the Murray Bridge Golf Course to allow more professional tournaments to be played in Murray Bridge. The project, once complete, also played a significant part in providing green space and stormwater retention for the adjacent Newbridge Estate which is currently under development.

Works Undertaken:

Moving 80,000 tonne of cut/fill, building a stormwater basin (which acts as a water hazard), building two fairways, irrigation (Ackmac irrigation & trenching), construction of; four bunkers, two greens and five tee blocks.

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